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What has happened recently

In 2021, the Customs and Excise Department has been able to maintain its revenue levels despite the many hurdles including the rise in freight charges, volatility of oil prices on the global market and La Soufriere volcanic eruption of April 2021. The commitment and dedication of the entire staff of the department were highlighted during the eruption as they toiled from Sunday to Sunday to ensure the smooth importation of relief goods. The department had to further withstand the test of the COVID-19 pandemic and navigated the rough waters even when the workforce had limited numbers. It is a true depiction of resilience and the efforts of the staff must not go unnoticed but rather be commended.  Despite the many challenges, the department through mitigating management strategies was able to collect approximately EC$3 million for the month of December. This is an unprecedented number and goes down as the highest revenue collection for such month in any fiscal year to date.

The Customs and Excise Department is committed to carrying out its mandate with the same level of tenacity but with greater efficiency through the Government of St. Vincent and the Grenadines Caribbean Digital Transformation Project (CARDTP). It is expected that upon the completion of the project, the department will have an Electronic Single Window for Trade (ESWFT) to manage the regulatory processes impacting importation and exportation. It is true that the current system is not free of shortcomings as traders have to contend with visits to multiple departments whether it be to obtain permits or papers to complete a transaction. However, it is the objective of the single window to address these issues and increase efficiency in trade through time and cost savings for traders interacting with Government authorities across economic borders.