Transforming To Serve You Better

Component 1: Digital Enabling Environment

Subcomponent 1.3: Cybersecurity, Data Protection and Privacy:

  1. The project will support for development of national level cybersecurity capability to monitor, identify, protect against, and respond to cyber threats and support for requisite enabling environment and capacity improvements at national level.

The CERT will be established using a regionally compatible design and frameworks developed as part of the regionally implemented activities under the subcomponent. Specific activities under this subcomponent include –

  • Financing for hardware and software necessary for CERT activities including threat monitoring, incident logging, automation of investigation, and sensors for collection of telemetry information.
  • Support for CERT human capacity including support for hiring of CERT manager and analysts
  • Development of CERT operational procedures, work plan, roles and responsibilities matrix, financial sustainability plan (CapEx and OpEx), and localization of regionally developed trust and transparency frameworks.
  • Support for implementation of regionally developed cybersecurity standards and protocols for critical public and private sector infrastructures, including development of standardized information sharing mechanisms.
  • Support for development and implementation of a national level awareness campaign; training and general awareness for civil servants; and professional training opportunities for ICT professionals and potential CERT cybersecurity analysts