Transforming To Serve You Better

Component 1: Digital Enabling Environment

Subcomponent 1.3: Cybersecurity, Data Protection and Privacy:

  1. The project will support for development of national level cybersecurity capability to monitor, identify, protect against, and respond to cyber threats and support for requisite enabling environment and capacity improvements at national level.

Subcomponent 3.1: Workforce-Ready Digital Skills

  1. This sub-component aims to support training to employment opportunities in digitally enabled professions. It will complement the regional level activities supporting more advanced and specialized digital skills development and remote working placements with global firms and clients.

Subcomponent 2.1: Cross-Cutting Enablers of Digital Government Operations and Services

  1. Digital Government strategy, standards, business continuity, and protocols: This activity supports the development of necessary strategy and frameworks to guide public sector digitization along the three dimensions of technology, processes, and people.

  1. This component includes support to the PIU for the implementation and management of national level project activities, including for staffing of the PIU as well as capacity building and training initiatives. Key technical functions to be supported can include but will not be limited to project manager, technical specialists, procurement specialists, financial management specialist, environmental and social safeguards specialists, monitoring and evaluation and communications.