Transforming To Serve You Better


The Project Steering Committee was appointed by Cabinet to provide overall guidance and oversight for the Caribbean Digital Transformation Project (CARDTP). The Project Steering Committee is comprised as follows:

Ministry of Finance, Economic Planning and Information Technology- Director General, Finance and Planning (Chairman)

Economic Planning Department- Director of Economic Planning

Treasury Department- Accountant General

Customs and Excise Department- Comptroller

Information Technology Services Department- Director

Inland Revenue Department- Comptroller

Ministry of Health etc. – Permanent Secretary

Ministry of Transport, Works, Land and Physical Planning- Permanent Secretary

Ministry of National Security etc.- Permanent Secretary

Ministry of Legal Affairs- Hon. Attorney General

Registry, High Court

Ministry of the Public Service, etc. – Permanent Secretary

Commerce and Intellectual Property Office- Registrar

CARDTP Project Implementation Unit- Project Coordinator/ Manager


The role of the Project Steering Committee is to:

  • Assess project progress;
  • Provide advice and guidance on issues facing the project;
  • Assist with resolving strategic-level issues and risks;
  • Use influence and authority to assist the project in achieving its outcomes.


Responsibilities of the Steering Committee Chair

The Steering Committee Chair is the Director- General- Finance and Planning. The responsibilities of the Steering Committee Chair are to:

  • Set the agenda for each meeting.
  • Ensure that agenda and supporting materials are delivered to members in advance of meetings.
  • Make the purpose of every meeting clear to members and explains the agenda at the beginning of each meeting.
  • Clarifies and summarizes what is happening throughout each meeting.
  • Keep the meeting moving by putting time limits on each agenda item and keeping all meetings to two hours or less.
  • Encourages broad participation from members in the discussion by calling on different people.
  • End each meeting with a summary of decisions and assignments.
  • Follow up with consistently absent members to determine if they wish to discontinue membership.


Responsibilities of Steering Committee Members

  • Individual Steering Committee members have several responsibilities. He/ She must:
  • Understand the goals, objectives and desired outcomes of the project.
  • Ensure that the project is making prudent decisions- especially in procurement and responding to issues, risks and proposed project changes.
  • Ensures that the project remains aligned with the strategy, policies and directions across the government.
  • Understand and represent the interests of project stakeholders.
  • Take a genuine interest in the project’s outcomes and overall success.
  • Act on opportunities to communicate positively about the project.