Transforming To Serve You Better

Subcomponent 3.1: Workforce-Ready Digital Skills

  1. This sub-component aims to support training to employment opportunities in digitally enabled professions. It will complement the regional level activities supporting more advanced and specialized digital skills development and remote working placements with global firms and clients.

It will include a digital skills development and workforce readiness coaching program targeting development of skills identified to be in demand within digitally enabled professions in SVG or in the Eastern Caribbean Region (as identified through the regional level activities under component 3). Implementation will be through a local training institution, potentially in partnership with a firm or non-profit foundation to administer the skills trainings, provide job coaching and “soft” skills support to participants and develop partnerships with private sector industries interested in contributing to curriculum development, executing the trainings and hiring of graduates.  The program will include dedicated outreach and programming to attract and support women and at-risk youth to participate in the program and will be administered through a combination of in person training and mentoring and online learning to enable more flexible participation by a wider range of interested individuals. 

Subcomponent 3.2: Technology Adoption

  1. This sub-component seeks to increase adoption of digital technologies, platforms and digitally enabled business models by small and medium enterprises (SMEs). It aims to boost the productivity and competitiveness of traditional industries, initiate a cultural shift towards modernization and innovation in the private sector and to overcome the current lack of demand for digitally skilled professionals and IT services in the regional market. Specific activities will include:
  • A program to accelerate the adoption of digital technologies within priority sectors (tourism, agriculture, education etc.) including managerial training, and business advisory services to selected SMEs to support digital technology and marketing investments.
  • Support for purchase of digital devices and associated digital content and training to support access among vulnerable groups and remote learning by students