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Project Implementation Unit

The Project Implementation Unit (PIU) consists of the Project Coordinator, Assistant Project Coordinator, Procurement Specialist, Environment and Social Specialist, Financial Management Special and Grant Manager/ Training Coordinator, Systems Administrator. The implementation unit role is to work along with the Technical Working Groups and the Technical Advisory Firm to ensure that the project is implemented successfully. The Technical Advisory Firm is that firm (s) that will provide support to the PIU for procurement preparation, contract management, capacity building and related functions.

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Mr. Edmond Jackson

FM Specialist: 

Ms. Keisha Gonsalves

Project Coordinator:

Mr. Winston George

Environmental Specialist:

Ms. Nyasha Hamilton

Procurement Specialist:

Mrs. Janelle Quow

Social Safeguard Specialist:

Ms. Deanna Ralph

Social Safeguard Specialist:

Ms. Stacey Browne